Room & Resource Booking for Schools

Built from the ground up to support different timetable structures and integrate with the most popular school management information systems.

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Book by Period
We understand schools operate using timetabled classes. Teachers can book the rooms & resources by period (e.g. Period 1 till Period 3).
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Book by Time & After the School Day
You can also book your Sports facilities and Halls by time (e.g. 11am till 1pm). Perfect for bookings after the school day.
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Integrates with your MIS
Your timetable is automatically synced from your school management system so teachers can only book a room or resource when they're free.

Easily manage your rooms & resouces

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IT Rooms
Allow staff to easily book IT rooms within the school. Teachers no longer have to use paper based or spreadsheets which can lead to double bookings and wasted lesson time.
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Sports Facilities
Manage your sports pitches and halls so they can be easily let out to sports clubs without any double bookings. Hirers can be invoiced too if the school charges for these bookings.
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Meeting Rooms and Theatres
Non-teaching rooms such as the meeting rooms can be managed too through the system, even if they're not in the MIS. Limits can be configured so the room is booked fairly amongst staff.
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Shared Resources (iPads, Laptops, etc.)
Make more efficient use of any resources by allowing them to be booked in parts. For example one teacher can book 10 iPads leaving 20 free for another teacher.

Integrates with your school management system

Syncs your schools rooms and timetabled classes including room closures, teacher cover and class suspensions.
Advanced Facility & Progresso

Managing bookings has never been so easy

Cutting edge features for your school
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Recurring bookings

Quickly repeat bookings over days, weeks or months from one simple screen. Should the room be unavailable on any recurrence, an alternative can be chosen.

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Booking reminders

Never forget about a booking and have a reminder emailed to you about your bookings. Have a reminder one day before and 2 days before.

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Authorise bookings

For total control over bookings, the system can require confirmation from an administrator or privileged user for bookings in certain rooms.

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Store information with bookings

Record useful information with each booking as a booking note. For example booking purpose, meeting title or agenda information.

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Catering management

Users can request custom catering options such as tea & coffee, snacks or lunch, which is automatically emailed to the catering department upon booking confirmation.

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Branded with your logo

Make the right impression with a system branded with your school colours and logo. Localisation options allow you to change the date format and timezone.

Manage Lettings

Manage letting your facilities to external hirers with the Lettings module.

Costs are automatically calculated for each booking and assigned to the hirer.

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Price Plans
Create price plans for each resource and for different types for hirers or discounts (eg Standard rate, Weekend rate or Charity rate). Also add chargeable items such as equipment hire, pitch lights or insurance.
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Invoices can be generated when appropriate and emailed to each hirer. The lettings admin can track which invoices have been paid or remain outstanding.

Powerful User Permissions

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Booking Limits

Set a limit on how many weeks in advance a user can make a booking, if bookings have to be made with 24 hours notice or even a restriction on the number of hours that can be booked per week.

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Restrict Rooms & Resources

Configure rooms or resources so they can only be booked by certain users. For example 'Maths Trolley' by the Maths department and 'Meeting Rooms' can only be booked by Senior Management.

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Rule Based

Finely tune permissions for different users with rule based permissions. Easily add default permissions for everyone, create custom permissions for individual users or apply permissions to group of users.

Customers love us

Read comments below from our happy customers.

“Just thought I would write and let you know how great I think the system is! We have been using this resource since September, and it has made a HUGE difference to getting hold of and booking resources in school. It is genuinely the best whole-school ICT spend we have made this year in terms of its effectiveness and positive impact on reducing workload for a wide variety of staff. I could not praise it highly enough.”

Mrs Beck
Sir Graham Balfour School

“I first started using Room Booking System to manage ICT resources within our Primary School but once people began to see the advantages, I had requests to add other resources and rooms to the system. Now the Secondary School has adopted the Room Booking System and we are enjoying the ease of use, freedom and ability to book resources and rooms whilst collaborative planning. A major bonus is the quick and detailed customer care provided by the team. Our school is certainly enjoying the benefits and thankful that we have discovered Room Booking System.”

Mr Hall
Luanda International School, Angola

We are impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the Room Booking System. The functions provided are easy to follow and the assistance from the Helpdesk Team always accommodating especially to suit our requirement needs. Takes away the stress of double booking etc. Highly recommended.“

Ms Reid-Titre
Woodside High School

”We used to use a simple spreadsheet but this was totally impractical. We switched to the Room Booking System a couple of years ago and have never looked back. I would recommend the Room Booking System to anyone who wants a quick and efficient way of managing their room bookings.”

Mr Bowker
The King's Academy Middlesbrough

“The Room Booking System has been invaluable in terms of managing our ICT facilities effectively. The System is simple to use and easy to administer and setup. We have been very happy with the product and all the staff have found it easy to use.”

Mr Gilbart
Holywell School

“Over the last two years we have found the Room Booking System to be an indispensable tool. All of our staff rely on it and certainly prefer using it to the A4 ring binder which regularly got lost that preceded it. The fact it can handle a two week timetable and school holidays is impressive. The support team are very helpful, quick and friendly. >We would recommend it to anyone

Mr Hawkins
Felixstowe Academy

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