The Booking System for Hospitals and NHS Trusts

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Easily Manage Rooms & Resources

Meeting Rooms

Allow all staff easy access to book meeting rooms within your hospital. While booking they can set the agenda and invite colleagues to the booking.

Clinic and Therapy Rooms

Important rooms such as the clinic and therapy rooms can be easily reserved so your staff are alaways aware of their availability. Limits can be placed so the room is booked fairly amongst staff.

Seminar Rooms and Theatres

Notify people when certain rooms are booked so they can be prepared in advance for important training or presentations. Eliminate any possible double bookings for these important events.

Shared Resources (iPads, Laptops)

Make more efficient use of the resources you already have by allowing them to be booked via an online system. It's even possible to give priority booking to certain individuals.


We understand security is important

Fully Registered

As the market leaders for online room booking software, we take all the necessary steps to ensure your data is handled and processed securely. We're fully registered with the Data Protection Act under number ZA009035.

Secure Access

We offer a various secure Single Sign-On options so your users can access the system without having to share credentials. All communication is secured through industry standard HTTPS.

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Powerful User Permissions

Rule Based

Finely tune permissions for different users with rule based permissions. Easily add default permissions for everyone, create custom permissions for individual users or apply permissions to group of users.

Booking Limits

Set a limit on how many weeks in advance a user can make a booking, if bookings have to be made with 24 hours notice or even a restriction on the number of hours that can be booked per week.

Restrict Rooms & Resources

Configure rooms or resources so they can only be booked by certain users. For example Meeting Rooms can only be booked by Managers or Therapy Rooms by practitioners.

Privileged Users

Grant extra permissions to certain staff members to give them the ability to oversee bookings made by other members of staff and authorise bookings made for specific rooms.

Managing bookings has never been so easy

Cutting edge features for your health centre

Store information with bookings

Record useful information with each booking as a booking note. For example booking purpose, meeting title or agenda information.

Recurring bookings

Quickly repeat bookings over days, weeks or months from one simple screen. Should the room be unavailable on any recurrence, an alternative can be chosen.

Authorise bookings

For total control over bookings, the system can require confirmation from an administrator or privileged user for bookings in certain rooms.

Booking reminders

Never forget about a booking and have a reminder emailed to you about your bookings. Have a reminder one day before and 2 days before.

Catering management

Users can request custom catering options such as tea & coffee, snacks or lunch, which is automatically emailed to the catering department upon booking confirmation.

Branded with your logo

Make the right impression with a system branded with your hospital's colours and logo. Localisation options allow you to change the date format and timezone.

Make bookings visible to site staff

Digital Signage

Easily show the availability of rooms & resources using our digital signage feature to let everyone easily see the resource availability for today on digital signage screens.

iCal Feeds

See your bookings within Outlook or any calendar application by using the iCal feeds so you're always aware of your bookings without being logged into the Room Booking System.

Printable booking sheets

Produce a booking sheet per room in just one click from the administrator panel, ideal to place a hard copy outside each room or give to your security/cleaning teams.

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