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1) Choose date and category

Using the colour coded calendar you can quickly find a free room using the day or week views.

2) Add booking notes

Add additional information to your booking such as a booking purpose, catering information or attendees.

3) Optional: Add recurrence

Repeat your booking with powerful recurrence options. Even choose an alternate room for any clashes.

For Schools: MIS Integration

Sync with SIMS, iSAMS, Facility and Progresso

As SIMS Technical Partners, Advanced Learning Partners and iSAMS Integrators, data is synced daily to the Room Booking System. Single Sign-On from Facility ePortal, Firefly & Frog is supported. SIMS Integration syncs non-class codes, cover, room closures and suspension rules.

Automatically Notifies Staff

During the automatic timetable sync from the management information system, the Room Booking System automatically removes any bookings which conflict and notifies staff by email.


Managing bookings has never been so easy

Cutting edge features for all types of schools and businesses

Store information with bookings

Record useful information with each booking as a booking note. For example booking purpose, meeting title or agenda information.

Recurring bookings

Quickly repeat bookings over days, weeks or months from one simple screen. Should the room be unavailable on any recurrence, an alternative can be chosen.

Authorise bookings

For total control over bookings, the system can require confirmation from an administrator or privileged user for bookings in certain rooms.

Booking reminders

Never forget about a booking and have a reminder emailed to you about your bookings. Have a reminder one day before and 2 days before.

Catering management

Users can request custom catering options such as tea & coffee, snacks or lunch, which is automatically emailed to the catering department upon booking confirmation.

Transfer bookings

Suppose you want a room booked by someone else. Simply send a transfer request via the system and if the other user agrees, the booking is transferred.

Powerful User Permissions

Rule Based

Finely tune permissions for different users with rule based permissions. Easily add default permissions for everyone, create custom permissions for individual users or apply permissions to group of users.

Booking Limits

Set a limit on how many weeks in advance a user can make a booking, if bookings have to be made with 24 hours notice or even a restriction on the number of hours that can be booked per week.

Restrict Rooms & Resources

Configure rooms or resources that can only be booked by certain user. For example 'Meeting Rooms' can only be booked by Senior Management or 'Science Laptops' by the Science department.

Privileged Users

Grant extra permissions to certain users to give them the ability to oversee bookings made by other members of staff and authorise bookings made for specific rooms.

Many more features to make managing resources a breeze

Track faults with resources

Staff can report problems with a particular room/resource which notifies technicians via email. Use the built-in helpdesk to track requests to different departments such as Facilities or IT Support.

Organise resource categories

Grouping rooms into categories allows staff to easily find the view the availability of similar resources all on the one screen. Businesses can further group rooms by locations with different timezones.

Printable booking sheets

Produce a booking sheet per room in just one click from the administrator panel, ideal to place a hard copy outside each room. Digital signage screens are also supported to display real-time availability.

Manage Lettings with Automatic Invoicing

Manage Hirers

The Room Booking System automatically calculates the cost of each booking based on the price plan selected. Details of each hirer are stored on the system with their address and contact details.

Automatic Invoicing

Invoices can be generated when appropriate and emailed to each hirer. The lettings admin can track which invoices have been paid or remain outstanding.

Multiple Price Plans

Create price plans for each resource and for different types for hirers or discounts (eg Standard rate, Weekend rate or Charity rate). Also add chargeable items such as equipment hire, pitch lights or insurance.


Generate reports to transfer data into the financial system which includes the total amount outstanding per hirer and the total revenue per room/resource.

Everything you'd expect from an online booking system

Branded with your logo

Make the right impression with a system branded with your organisation colours and logo. Localisation options allow you to change the date format and timezone.

Resource bookings

Manage resources such as projectors, iPads, televisions and laptop trolleys. The system can even email technicians when certain resources are booked.

Unlimited bookings

There's no limit on the number of bookings with the Room Booking System. We don't believe in charging per booking or depending on how many bookings you make.

Web based to access anywhere

The Room Booking System is web based and can be accessed from any modern internet connected device. Staff can make bookings from home.

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