Manage Lettings and External Hirers

Maximise your income by letting facilities

Easily manage all lettings bookings

Manage the bookings for all your resources including sports facilities, halls, meeting rooms and resources.

See at a glance the availability of your rooms & resources on the visual calendars.

Streamline administration processes

Manage the bookings for both external hirers and internal staff in the one system.

Record the user, booking information, date, price and time all in the one place.

Make the most of your school's facilities

Sports Facilities

Manage your sports fields & pitches so they can be easily let out to sports clubs without any double bookings. You can even note the pitch set up required at the time of booking.

Meeting Rooms

Non-teaching rooms such as the meeting rooms can be managed too through the system, even if they're not in the MIS. Limits can be configured so the room is booked fairly amongst staff.


Internal staff can book halls by period during the school day and external hirers can book by time. Linked with the school's timetable to ensure no double bookings.


Manage the use of your theatre and equipment again during the school day and after. For greater control, bookings can be provisional and approved by an administrator.

Calculating prices for bookings

Automatically calculate the cost of each booking

Hourly Price Plans

Set a hourly rate for each plan for each resource to automatically calculate the booking cost dependent on the booking duration.

One-Off Costs

Add fixed costs or one-off costs to bookings such as insurance, equipment hire, lights etc.

VAT Rates

Different VAT rates (such as standard, exempt and no VAT) can be assigned per price plan, hirer or even invoice line.

Generate Invoices

Branded Invoices

Customise the invoices to include your logo and text such as payment terms and payment instructions.

Draft Invoices

Generated invoices can be created as a draft to be checked by administrators before being issued to the hirer.

Mark Invoices as Paid or Unpaid

Easily track which invoices are in draft, unpaid, paid or voided.

Select bookings to include

Select which bookings to include in the generated invoice. For example, if you wish to include all bookings in the previous month.

Many more features to make managing lettings a breeze

Store External Hirers Details

Name, email, address and phone number of each hirer are stored on the system.

Store Booking Notes

Set up additional notes to be entered while making the bookings. For example, layout, club name or even agreed payment terms.

Colour Code Bookings

You can set a different colour per hirer to easily identify bookings at a glance when viewing the calendar.



Download your lettings data including bookings information, costs, payment status and hirers. Import into your financial software, or for general analysis of lettings income.

Room Utilisation

See how often certain resources are being used. You can drill down to view the utilisation for particular resources, over a range of dates and at certain times throughout the day.

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