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We focus on customer satisfaction to ensure you receive the best possible solution for your Room Booking System. We value our schools' opinions, infact many features of the Room Booking System have been developed in response to suggestions. Our schools are glad to be part of our product and we're happy our schools are involved too.

We Provide Great Support

We're known for our fast response times and going the extra mile to make our schools happy. Support is provided either via our dedicated support site or via email. Read more about our company on the School Cloud Systems website.

Woodfarm High School
The Room Booking System has certainly allowed us a more efficient way of managing resources, which are in demand by all staff. Since taking over the management of the System, I have found it easy to use and edit. We enquired about a few changes to make the System fit our needs which were quickly looked at and put in place by the team.
Mrs Dyer - Woodfarm High School
Westcliff High School
Having been one of your clients for over three years now,I can only say that the service your company has provided has always and continues to be exemplary! As you are aware we have recently added a second system to manage our new Conference Suites which your company has kindly tailored to suit our sometimes quirky requirements, including many tweaks needed as we discover further opportunities to streamline our premises and resource management.

Your support and technical departments respond to any problems, mostly created by ourselves, more rapidly and efficiently than any of our other software providers. The quality of your system, the support given and the customer service provided is truly of the highest standard I have experienced in over 30 years in educational management. Well done and thank you.
Mr McHale - Westcliff High School for Girls
Swavesey Village College
I have no hesitation in recommending the Room Booking System to other schools. We have used it for nearly 2 years and would be lost without it!

It is an easy system to set up, it is extremely user friendly and very flexible. In addition to basic room bookings we use it to store lots of information about room set up requirements and even use it to manage our car parking areas.

The technical support is excellent and the response time is always rapid.
Ms Cooper - Swavesey Village College
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School
Our room booking system was set up and ready to go in a matter of minutes! I have received very favourable comments from staff about how easy it is to use. I've had a couple of questions for the support team to ask if the system can do various functions - in all cases the answer came back within minutes (and in all cases the answer was 'yes' !!). Great system and good value too.
Mr Higgins - St Michael's Catholic Grammar School
Southam College
Room Booking System is a fantastic system and most importantly it saves everyone time. Teachers are no longer phoning and emailing each other to find out if rooms are available - they can find a definitive room calendar in one place that's available 24/7. Admin staff are not having to manually update lists and spreadsheets. ICT staff are not pulling hair out importing data and maintaining in house system. Big wins all round!
Mr Hale - Southam College
Rastrick High School
We have been using the Room Booking System for over a year and are very pleased with the service offered. The system is very user friendly especially with the added feature of SIMS Integration. Staff are able to book their own rooms unless a room is required at short notice but it is very simple to look bookings up on their behalf as an administrator.

The Instructions to set the system up to meet our requirements were easy to understand and follow and work well within school. I would recommend the system to interested parties as it is so much better than a paper based booking system we used to run!
Ms Brookes - Rastrick High School
Newlands Girls School
We have been users since Sept 2009 and always found it to be a quality system; developed and maintained by a responsive and approachable team. Being web based makes deployment straightforward, with a user interface that requires almost no training for staff.

Administration facilities are excellent, with the recent integration with SIMS ensuring that timetable changes are reflected in Room Bookings by the next morning. We have extended its use to allow teachers to book laptops for their class from a communal trolley, by any quantity not already booked, up to the maximum the trolley holds. We also manage our mini-buses through the system.

The best value whole school software we use.
Mr Helm - Newlands Girls School
Mearns Castle High School
I have now used the Room Booking System for over eight months and it is superb.

The functionality of the interface is very simple for non-specialist teachers to use. Features such as sign-up and check profile are a breeze to use. Actually booking a room is almost idiot proof. The graphical timetable lets teachers see at a glance how many rooms are available and to book a room (or indeed cancel a booking) is simply a couple of clicks. Additional features such as seeing who has booked the room add to the ease of use.

From an administration point of view, managing the system is also very simple. Adding rooms, managing bookings are all done by selecting options from menus. I especially like the email facilities included in the system which I have used that to contact staff about forgotten passwords, etc. The security and reliability of the system is excellent. So far it has worked absolutely perfectly.

Finally the developers are easy to work with. They themselves have refined the system since its introduction. Their system is a must have for any school.
Mr Cairns - Mearns Castle High School
Liverpool College
We've been using the on-line room booking system for the past two years and it has made the booking of ICT suites and sports facilities extremely easy. So much admin time has been saved, it is well worth the money! Staff here find it easy to use and I have never had anyone ask me how to use it. I would recommend it.
Mr Doran - Liverpool College
Kimbolton School
One of the least expensive but most widely used IT purchases in recent years. Used every day by all staff with support that is happy to make prompt system wide changes based on our needs.
Mr Bradshaw - Kimbolton School
Jerudong International School
The room booking system has been a fantastic solution.

As managers these are the advantages that we have found with the system.

- The timetable is updated overnight. No massive data entry into calendars, export the report from SIMS, ping it to Scotland and by morning it is up to date.

- Elimination of double bookings, a clear trail of who has what booked when.

- Excellent statistical overview, both to identify curriculum areas who chose not to IT and to prevent people 'hogging' the resources by prohibiting block booking too far in advance without our say so.

- The support has been first rate; swift, precise, helpful and never condescending.

- Teachers can see, on one page, all the possible rooming opportunities for their particular resourcing needs.

- It works, I have to do very little, and people think I am a genius.
Mr Sandow - Jerudong International School
Until recently our schools ran highly intelligent yet complex excel pages and outlook calendars to manage rooms and laptops/iPads. With this system bookings are made in less time with less errors. Staff are satisfaction the school have enhanced oversight of which resources are in high demand.
Mr Jackson
Cecil Jones College
We have now used the Room Booking System for a number of years and it is invaluable in the day to day operation of our ICT systems. It is well priced, well supported and has matured into a product that I would happily recommend to any organisation.
Mr Maddocks - Cecil Jones College
Carshalton Boys Sports College
The Room booking system is exactly what we needed! It allows our staff the flexibility to book facilities from any internet connection. The interface to help you set up the system is very intuitive and easy to use, and great value as well! I whole heartedly recommend it!

The SIMS integration facility is the icing on the cake. It makes life so much easier.
Phil - Carshalton Boys Sports College
Caroline Chisholm School
I find the room booking system to be the best, low cost investment made in a long time! It's easy to manage, update and keep maintained. Not only do I have high ratings of the system, so do all our staff which is nearly over 200 users. I think the SIMS Integration is a must to really get the most out of the system, as it now manages itself. Money well spent!
Mr Sears - Caroline Chisholm School
Brislington Enterprise College
We have been using the booking system in Brislington over a year now and I have found the experience a really valuable resource. It have saved me hours in manual planning and paper timetables and has reduced booking error. It has also given staff greater access and a sense of responsibility in making and managing bookings.

The format of the site is simple, clear and very easy to use which makes it accessible for all. Happy customer.
Ms Glasson - Brislington Enterprise College
Bridgnorth Endowed School
We've been using the Room Booking System for two years and have found it to be a simple and straightforward system for staff to be able to book a number of resources. I would recommend it to anyone who has been looking for a cost-effective ICT-based solution to managing booking of rooms/resources.
Mr Wardle - Bridgnorth Endowed School
Framework Housing Association
The Room Booking System really is plug and play. New users need no training - it's very intuitive. It's been a largely trouble free first year with any problems quickly dealt with. And our IT people love it being web-based - no fiddling installations!
Mr Carpenter - Framework Housing Association
Beths Grammar School
The system has made a big improvement to the use of IT facilities in the school. It's straightforward and flexible to maintain and the staff love the ease of being able to book reliably from anywhere.
Mrs Davis - Beths Grammar School
Chatham House
The room booking system is a fantastic system, it has given us a central place for everyone to refer to when trying to book a resource or find a free room. We also use this to book our Mini Busses. The system works flawlessly and the customer support is one of the most rapid I have ever encountered in many years. Always helpful and reliable.
Mr Guarnieri - Chatham House Grammar School
St. Martin's School
The Room Booking System has been a god send to our school and to find out about the integration into SIMS.net was the icing on the cake. This addition is easy to set up and works flawlessly.

It has made my Job as Network Manager much easier as any alterations are now automatically uploaded keeping the system right up to date with our current timetable. I have no hesitation in recommending both the Room Booking System and the new addition of Sims.net Integration to anyone.
Mr Williams - St. Martin's School
Park Royal Centre for Mental Health
We have been using this room booking system for over a year and have to found it to be a very useful tool. It has saved having to store timetables and freed up valuable time. It is also given other departments the opporotunity to view what bookings are available and adjust their timetables accordingly.
Mr Carroll - Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
Maidstone Girls Grammar
We have been using the Room Booking System for a number of years now and it has proved to be an invaluable resource. It has made booking our classrooms much more accessible and reliable and the simple interface has made it easy for staff to use. Support has been absolutely fantastic with email queries very often being responded to almost immediately and issues being resolved very promptly (although there aren't many!).

We also decided to purchase the SIMS synchronisation software which means once it is setup there is almost zero administration work to carry out throughout the year. I would highly recommend this system to anyone looking for a room booking system.
Mr Vela-Castro - Maidstone Grammar School for Girls
The Room Booking System is a good value solution to managing resources. It has provided us with an easy and low risk step forward from a manual system to something more integrated. The support service is also very prompt and we've experienced no technical issues since having access to the system for over a year now.
Mr Masters - AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)
St Mary's
We have been successfully using Room Booking System for five years now. It was first introduced to replace an ineffective and inefficient manual paper-based system. We now have a fully automated and integrated online solution. This assists us in our goal to become a paperless school and with meeting our environmental targets and overall corporate social responsibility.

Room Booking System has developed and adapted as our school has grown; we moved into a new build in September 2010 which brought about a plethora of additional facilities with complex booking requirements and configurations. By design, Room Booking System is fair, flexible, user friendly and intuitive. It is technically sound and supported by first-class customer service.

It demonstrates competitiveness against other similar systems and has proved an excellent investment for our school. Room Booking System removes the administrative burden from our staff and allows them to focus on teaching and learning!
Mr Wade - St. Mary's College
Newcastle University Students Union
We have been using the Room Booking System at Newcastle University Students Union for over a year now and we are delighted with how it has improved the way we manage our resources.

At NUSU we have a total of 20 bookable spaces with capacities varying from 10 to 1850 people and during our first year of trading with the system we have dealt with a total of 11,320 bookings with ease and simplicity.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a flexible and detailed web based system to manage their resource bookings.
Mr Hattam - Newcastle University Students' Union
Ernesford Grange Community School
Since starting to use the Room Booking System at our school it has helped to keep things a lot more organized. It reduces the work of our IT department as teachers and other staff can log in themselves and manage their bookings, as well as see when IT rooms are free. The system is also easy to use and the timetable import saves a lot of work!
Mr McNulty - Ernesford Grange Community School
Ferndown Upper School
We have been using the Room Booking System for over a year now and it has made such a fantastic difference! It was put in to replace a poor excel spreadsheet based booking system that only one member of staff could use at a time. Setup was a breeze, we were up and running within an hour after importing our rooms and timetable from SIMS originally.

We are now using the system with full SIMS integration which synchronises timetables, cover lessons and exams daily so the staff are always kept up to date with which rooms are available. We are also using LDAP Authentication which allows staff members to login to the system using their existing windows logons which is great as number one problem used to be staff forgetting their logon details.

Staff love the easy to use system, they are able to login from home and book rooms helping them plan their lessons much more effectively. I would not hesitate to recommend this system to anyone, customer service is first rate with quick replies.
Mr Dean - Ferndown Upper School
Sandhurst School
We have been using the Room Booking System here at Sandhurst School since autumn 2011 and we are really pleased with the results. Since we have started using this system, staff have found it very easy to book IT suites, laptops and various other IT equipment that we offer to classes.

The user interface of Room Booking system as an administrator is excellent. All the features and options are easy to setup and manage. The SIMS feature to import timetabled classes has been an excellent addition to this product as it allows me to get on with other essential tasks without having to spend too much time dealing with it.

The helpdesk are very supportive and prompt with their replies and I've never had any slow responses from the team at the Room Booking System - which is not always the case with other IT customer support!
Mr Amin - Sandhurst School
Bournemouth School
This is our second year of using the Room Booking System and find that the system meets our needs exactly. The SIMS integration has made it even easier following room changes. We extensively use the product to book ICT rooms and meeting rooms and staff find it very easy to use with very little training. The administration of the system is simple and we are now making use of the statistics to check on usage by staff and groups. I have no hesitation at all in recommending it.
Ms Wheatley - Bournemouth School
We use Room Booking System to manage our practice rooms here at our therapy training centre. We find that it's really straightforward to administrate and our members agree it's intuitive to use. The customer service is great - always very easy to communicate with and go above and beyond to assist with any queries. Would definitely recommend to organisations with similar need
Polly Shelton-Lowe
Sarah Bonnell School
From the day it was installed you have been very supportive and the program has been a great success. We did use a previous piece of software that was quite difficult to navigate and you had to look at one particular room at a time. Your system has the significant advantage that it is web-based and instead of looking at the availability of a particular room we can look at suites of rooms and choose one that is available for a particular time slot. This has proved invaluable for our ICT rooms where staff are now shown the availability of all these rooms and can choose a specific one if it is available.This is an excellent product.
Mr Monk - Sarah Bonnell School
Alleyn's School
The Room Booking System is an excellent product and one that fills a gap in the market. It is fast to set up, totally robust and extremely easy to use, both for administrators and ordinary users. I would recommend it very highly.
Ms Symes - Alleyn's School
Fulford School, Maths and Computing College
After using several previous systems, this one is an absolute breeze. It's easy to set-up and use and provides an extremely simple interface for the teachers and administrators. There is also great support along with this which makes it an ideal package. It is very efficient and a great time saver. Definitely recommended.
Mr Church - Senior Technician, Fulford School
Felixstowe Academy
Over the last two years we have found the Room Booking System to be an indispensable tool. All of our staff rely on it and certainly prefer using it to the A4 ring binder which regularly got lost that preceded it. The fact it can handle a two week timetable and school holidays is impressive. The support team are very helpful, quick and friendly. We would recommend it to anyone.
Mr Hawkins - Felixstowe Academy
The Hundred of Hoo School
I found the system unbelievably simple to use. Signing up was a simple form to fill out to create the account on the system. When I logged in I found it easy to navigate. Booking my rooms were easy; I didn't have to check rooms one by one as I have had to do previously. I simply used the timetable grid to select the period I needed a room for, and then the system worked out which rooms were available for me to book. Booking a room is literally two clicks, one to choose the room and one to confirm. I even get reminded of my booking as soon as I log in.
Mr Sands - The Hundred of Hoo School
Grey Court School
Very impressed with the simplicity of the system… highly recommended!
Mr Ali - Grey Court School
St Thomas School
The previous manual system we had was prone to errors and very labour intensive. The Room Booking system was easily implemented with a short training session for staff.
Mrs Davis - St Thomas More Catholic School
Holywell High School
The Room Booking System has been invaluable in terms of managing our ICT facilities effectively. The System is simple to use and easy to administer and setup. We have been very happy with the product and all the staff have found it easy to use.
Mr Gilbart - Holywell School
St Mary's
St Mary's College has used "Room Booking System" since September 2007. It has replaced a cumbersome paper system which was always less than efficient. The Room Booking System is available online to everyone, does not favour those close to the coordinator and can be tailored to suit the institution. Access to the facility is well worth the annual fee.
Mr O'Flaherty - St Mary's College
The King John School
The Room Booking System has been a great success in our school and staff found it very easy to use. We have not come across any technical problems since the start. I would recommend this to anyone.
Mr Ullah - The King John School
The King's Academy Middlesbrough
We used to use a simple spreadsheet but this was totally impractical. We switched to the Room Booking System a couple of years ago and have never looked back.

I would recommend the Room Booking System to anyone who wants a quick and efficient way of managing their room bookings.
Mr Bowker - The King's Academy
Woodside High School
We are impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the Room Booking System. The functions provided are easy to follow and the assistance from the Helpdesk Team always accommodating especially to suit our requirement needs. Takes away the stress of double booking etc. Highly recommended.
Ms Reid-Titre - Woodside High School
Wade Deacon High School
The staff have taken to this booking system really well as it is a very intuitive and uncomplicated interface. All bookings are made with the minimum of fuss and being online makes it so much more accessible. Support is only available via email but very prompt with replies.
Mr King - Fairfield High School
Sir Graham Balfour School
Just thought I would write and let you know how great I think the system is!

We have been using this resource since September, and it has made a HUGE difference to getting hold of and booking resources in school. It is genuinely the best whole-school ICT spend we have made this year in terms of its effectiveness and positive impact on reducing workload for a wide variety of staff.

I could not praise it highly enough.
Mrs Beck - Sir Graham Balfour School
Luanda International School
I first started using Room Booking System to manage ICT resources within our Primary School but once people began to see the advantages, I had requests to add other resources and rooms to the system. Now the Secondary School has adopted the Room Booking System and we are enjoying the ease of use, freedom and ability to book resources and rooms whilst collaborative planning. A major bonus is the quick and detailed customer care provided by the team. Our school is certainly enjoying the benefits and thankful that we have discovered Room Booking System.
Mr Hall - Luanda International School, Angola
University of Reading
We have found the Room Booking System to be a flexible and reliable tool that has enabled us to accommodate a variety of activities in our new building. The interface is clear and intuitive, and the system was straightforward to implement. All in all an excellent experience.
Dr Purse - University of Reading
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